Remote Facility? Remote Care!

Telemedicine has been expanding at a rapid pace in recent years. This development of technology has been crucial in providing patients with better access to care, especially to those residing in more rural areas.

At Dialog Healthcare, telemedicine plays a pivotal role in the outstanding care we provide our patients. Our team of providers are able to access, review and analyze patient data from anywhere at any time. Our signature Constant Glucose Monitoring program is geared to make a significant difference in the lives of countless patients who receive multiple insulin injections daily.

Facilities which are not located near our service areas have greatly benefited from our Telehealth program which allows our providers to visit patients remotely via video calling. Dialog Healthcare is constantly working on emerging technologies including robotics to enhance timely access to patients as well as to reduce and ease the burden on Primary Care Staff.

Make sure to inquire about how our Telemedicine and CGM Programs can benefit your facility!